Suppliers Registration - 2024

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Business Registration Number.**

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Please note that you need to pay Rs.2000/= for each category that you wish to register for

Category List I
No Category Name Select
1Air Conditioners, A/C Compressors etc.
2Lab Equipment- Analytical Equipment.
3General Lab Equipment & Instrument.
4Engineering Workshop Tools & Workshop Equipment.
5Computers-Computer Spare parts, UPS, UPS batteries & peripherals and Smart Boards.
6Computers-Personal Computers, Laptops, Workstations, Servers, High-End Computers & Tablets.
7Computers- Software & License.
8Network Equipment -Routers, Switches, Modems & Network Accessories etc.
9Printers & Scanners
10Photocopy Machines, Digital Duplicators, Fax Machines, etc.
11Printers & Scanners.
12Cloaks Garlands and Hoods.
13Camera-Compact Camera, Video Cameras, Tripods and related accessories.
14CCTV Camera and Accessories, Camera, DVRS, NVR, Enclosures, Cables and DC power supply etc.
15Audio Visual Products OHP, Multimedia Projectors, Screens & Video Conference Systems.
16Mobile Phones, PDAs & PABx Systems etc.
17Safety Equipment-Safety Shoes, Gum boots, Raincoats & Fire Extinguishers etc.
18Surveying Equipment & GPS and related accessories.
19Machines for Office Use-Cash Registers, Calculators, Adding Machine, Finger Printing Machine, Paper Shredder, Franking Machine, Numbering Machine, Paper Cutting Machine
21Furniture-Plastic and Fiber Glass Products and other related materials.
23Furniture-Computer Chairs & Tables.
24Electrical Appliances- TV, Radio, Refrigerator, Fans, Vacuum Cleaners, Electric Kettles etc.
25Sewing Machines, Iron, Press Machine & Other Garments Equipment.
26Cement Table & Chairs, interlocks and landscaping accessories.
27Public Address Systems-Voice Recorders, Microphones, Speakers, Amplifiers etc.
28Sport Equipment.
29Medical, Dental Equipment & Accessories.

Category List II
No Category Name Select
30Toners Cartridges, Printer Ribbons, Ink Cartridges for Printers.
31Stationery-Computer continuation sheets, Books, Pens, Marker Pens, Typing papers, White Boards, Staplers and Punchers etc.
32Cleaning Materials-Disinfectant, Soaps, Detergents etc.
33Photocopy Papers.
34ID Cards-Plastic Cards, RFID, etc.
35Kitchen Utensils Including Cutlery & Crockery.
36Chemical and Glassware General purpose laboratory chemical.
37Uniform Materials, Cloths, T shirts & Lab overcoat.
38Shoes & Bags.
39Gas-LP, Industrial etc.
40Home Appliances-Water Filters, Boilers, Water Dispenser, Hot Cupboards, Rice Steamers, Clocks etc.
41Electrical Fittings, Wiring & Accessories -Plug Bases, Cables, MCB, Trip switches & Other Electrical Wiring items, Bulbs etc.
42Coir and Rubber Mattresses and Mattress covers- foam Mattress.
44Electronic Components-IC?S, Resistors, Diodes etc.
45Electronic Items- Industrial Sensor, Micro Controller Development System, PLC, Robotic Modules & Accessories, Pneumatic Sensor RF Modules, Tag Reader Detector Motion.
46Electronic Sensors and Modern Electronic Items.
47General Hardware Items-Bricks, River Sand, Cement, Rubber, Metal, GI Pipe, Asbestos sheets, Plumbing Items Locks, Nails, Copper rods, Cement Inter Lock, Paving Blocks, Hume Pipe
48All kind of paints -Wall putty, Thinner, Turpentine etc.
49PVC Pipe & Fitting etc.
50Sanitaryware -Ceramic Wash Basins, Tiles & Bathroom Fittings etc.
51Aluminum fittings, Ladders and Accessories etc.
52Household Item- Brooms, Brushes, Bins& Doormats, etc.
53Timber-Plywood Sheets, Boards, MDF boards etc.
54Tyres, Tubes and Batteries for Vehicles.
55Printing & Book Binding etc.
56Advertising -Medals, Plaques, Sign Boards, Digital Printing & Flex Printing.
57Sports Goods & Sportswear etc.
58Drugs & Pharmaceuticals

Total Amount Paid.

Document Submission

* Certified copy of the Business Registration.

* Receipt of Payment

1.Whether you have active VAT Registration file(Attached a Obtained from Dept.of Inland Revenue)

2.If you are not a VAT Registration Supplier (Attached letter of exemption obtained from Dept.of Inland Revenue )

* VAT Registration file.

Copy/Copies of the relevant experience certificates
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